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Sturgeon Bay Working Waterfront Past & Present

Quick Details

Adult Ages 18+
Adult Day Package Ages 18+
Youth Ages 5-17
Youth Day Package Ages 5 - 17
Private Charter 15 people included in base price, max capacity 30 people
Private Charter Day Package 15 people included in base price, max capacity 30 people

Discover Sturgeon Bay’s Living Waterfront Past & Present

Working Waterfront, Past and Present tour is a transcendent experience from the 1880s to today! Join us as we explore the winds of change throughout the last century and a half as they have blown through and shaped the waterfront of Sturgeon Bay.

From horse and buggy, steam engines and sailboats, to massive ship building mid century of all types: commercial, military and pleasure craft; our narrators masterfully weave tales of the past and showcase today’s mixture of commercial industry, US Coast Guard, city parks, museums, a multitude of marinas, hotels, and restaurants.

Join us on this marvelous tour of yesteryear to the present. We have large TV screens on board to share photos of historical scenes of ship building and many other commercial endeavors over the years. We visit Fincantieri/Bay Ship, the old Palmer Johnson yard, the old Peterson Builders yard and many other points of interest along the way. If you’re a boat nerd or a history buff you will love this tour! And of course, we will help learners of all ages earn their First Mate Status!

Upgrade for Best Value

For an additional $10 adult or $5 youth, consider upgrading to our Sturgeon Bay Day Package, which includes 2-hour narrated boat tour and entrance admission fee into the impressive Door County Maritime Museum including the stunning Kress tower! One admission per ticket purchased, not transferrable, valid this season only. We also encourage guests to visit Crossroads at Big Creek, Sturgeon Bay’s premier nature preserve and learning center.

Door County Maritime Museum
The Door County Maritime Museum showcases the area’s rich maritime roots. Hard-working anglers, brave ship captains, skilled craftsmen, bold inventors and lonely lighthouse keepers are just some of the personalities you’ll discover in the galleries of the museum.The landmark 118-foot Jim Kress Maritime Lighthouse Tower is the tallest building in two counties and the fifth tallest structure in Northeast Wisconsin, affording incredible views of the working waterfront of Sturgeon Bay and the bay of Green Bay. Exhibits within the Tower use state-of-the-art interactives designed to capture the imagination, immerse visitors in the experience of Wisconsin’s rich nautical heritage, and inspire the next generation of Wisconsin’s workforce.

Crossroads at Big Creek
Crossroads at Big Creek is a 200-acre nature preserve and learning center located on the east side Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. With distinct ecosystems of woodlands, prairies and wetlands, it is a pure pleasure to peacefully explore the gentle topography while taking in the diverse flora and fauna via the many miles of hiking trails. The mission of Crossroads is to inspire environmental stewardship in learners of all ages and from all backgrounds through education, research, land restoration and outdoor experiences.

Also located at Crossroads is the Door County Heritage Village. The village consists of 8 buildings from the late 1800s to the early 1900s. These buildings were gems located around the county, moved to this location and beautifully restored to serve as a reminder of our collective past. The inspiration to create the village came from eighth grade students who upon returning from a field trip to a pioneer village in Upper Michigan, spurred a movement for Door County to create its own pioneer village. It’s a delightful place to to take a look around and set your imagination free! Its OK, go ahead and be open and curious like an eighth grader again!